Friday , 21 July 2017

City Has Until July 24 To Selection Option For Colliery Dam Issue

The City of Nanaimo has been given until July 24 to come up with a plan for dealing with the future of the contentious Colliery Dams. In a media release the city stated that on June 30 the City of Nanaimo received notice from the Environmental Appeal Board (EAB) that the its application for a stay to the remediation plan had been denied.CityLogo

The City had applied earlier for an appeal and a stay of the Comptroller’s Water Rights Order to remediate the Colliery Dams. The information provides the city indicates that it has until July 24 to choose a remediation option for the dams and to provide design drawings to the Comptroller’s office to examine.

“The outcome of the EAB’s decision not to grant the City’s application for a stay will be discussed at Council Monday, July 6,” explained Toby Seward the City’s Acting GM, Community Development & Protective Services.

The issue of available remediation options will be discussed at Monday’s council meeting.

Key Points:

  • City’s application for a stay has been denied.
  • To address the identified deficiencies associated with the Lower Dam’s spillway, Council may choose one of two possible solutions – the Labyrinth spillway or the Auxiliary spillway.
  • Members of the public seeking additional information concerning the Colliery Dams are encouraged to visit the Colliery Dams information page located on the City’s website.