Tuesday , 27 June 2017

Flutes Spark Creativity for Business People

Terry Mack

How can people be more creative and bring that to their businesses as well?

That is the goal of Terry Mack, who operates Peaceful Spirit Flutes and recently started running creativity workshops called Living Life Creatively.
She knows how to draw out the creativity from people so they can benefit from it in their daily life.
This creativity is connected to what she does with the flutes she plays and sells and how it impacts other people.
“Playing the flute is creative and it’s also very stress reducing for people who are looking for that sound,” says Mack, who has sold 800 flutes over time.
The flutes have made her realize how she can bring more creativity in people’s lives and particularly for business people to see how creativity applies to them.
“I’ve been looking at my own life and people’s lives and people tell me, ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body,’ says Mack. “It’s just not true.”
She says everyone has some creativity in them. Business people are often looking for creative solutions to problems says Mack, who recently did a ‘playshop,’ a fun term for a workshop, with the business oriented ‘Women of Excellence’ meetup group.

Mack brings in tools and experiences using games, words, drawings and other devices to encourage people to think creatively in these playshops.
“I want people to understand how creative they truly are and accept and own that in a fun way,” says Mack.
One tool that she sometimes uses is  Zendoodles – a way of doodling that creates elaborate, interesting patterns.
“When you sit and do this or do something that doesn’t involve being busy, it gets stuff out of your head and allows flow to happen,” says Mack.
Being more creative allows business people to become better at solving problems, says Mack.
“Creating is the act of taking action. You get out of your routine. By allowing creativity, you make leaps and connections. Creativity is a part of making business vital.”