Tuesday , 27 June 2017

Human Resources Training Covers Social Media, Bullying, Privacy and Communication

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A human resources training series at the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce will bring participants up to date on new regulations and show how the internet is affecting workplaces. The series by Cruise HR Solutions provides essential skills for managers and supervisors runs Oct. 6, 13 and 20 with lunch included at the chamber office on Bowen Road.

Brian Cruise, owner of Cruise HR Solutions, says the internet is playing a bigger role in affecting workplace privacy which is covered on the first training day on Oct. 6. “The internet does play a bigger and bigger role these days,” he says. “Employees get themselves into trouble because they do or say something online that is defamatory and employers take exception.”

He says employees need to be careful what they say on social media or in blogs however employers also have an obligation to protect their employees private information and this is covered in the B.C. Personal Information and Privacy Act which cites how personal information is collected and used.

The first day also covers Human Rights in the Workplace – Dealing with Discrimination and Harassment which ties in with Respectful Workplace-Dealing with Bullying, Abusive and Disrespectful Behaviours.

Cruise says new human rights issues are evolving with changes around mental and physical disabilities. He says the Workers Compensation Board Bill 14 that came in two years ago takes the Human Rights Code ‘farther than it has gone before.  That is required training by the board around bullying and harassment.”

The day’s training also covers Managing Excessive Workplace Absenteeism which involves employer rights and responsibilities.

Day 2 training on Oct.13 covers Making the Transition to Management, Effective Workplace Communications, Leading Difficult Conversations and Supporting Workplace Change.
Cruise says having effective conversations can show supervisors how to have those difficult conversations with employees.

Day 3 training provides Core Supervisory Skills and Managing Employee Performance. The latter includes dealing with bad attitude, handling complaints and grievances and dealing with poor performance on the job.

Cruise says participants can take the training individually or attend all three days.
“Most people attend the whole series,” he says. “You can choose the days you want to attend. They’re all connected in a lot of ways.