Thursday , 20 July 2017

Woodgrove Centre Plans $17 Million Upgrade

Paul Fairbridge of Ivanhoe Cambridge and Julia Down of Woodgrove Centre show off plans for the renovation.

Paul Fairbridge of Ivanhoe Cambridge and Julia Down of Woodgrove Centre show off plans for the renovation.

Woodgrove Centre is undergoing a $17 million renovation that will inject money into the local economy and strengthen the mall’s position as a retail destination on Vancouver Island.
Ivanhoe Cambridge made the announcement today to renovate the centre’s common areas, food court, entrance and exterior and customer service centre.
“This $17 million renovation is going to refresh the shopping centre to a level that is very different than it is now,” says Paul Fairbridge, regional director of operations for Ivanhoe Cambridge.
“It’s going to be a lot brighter. A really exciting improvement is ahead of us here.”
The exterior work started at the end of August and interior work will not start until Jan. 4 after the seasonal Christmas rush.  It is scheduled to be completed by November 2016.
The project will be done in three phases: exterior work, interior work and exterior entrances and canopies.
“Our mandate is to get through this project with as minimal disruption as possible,” says Fairbridge. “The lions share of the work will be done at night as well.”

Woodgrove Mall General Manager Julie Dow says the guest services centre that is currently in the food court will be relocated to a  1,000 square foot storefront location near Tim Hortons to provide guests with a higher quality of service and a comfortable seating area.
“We have always prided ourselves on the very best customer service,” she says.

Some of the most important renovation changes include:
~The centre’s food will be completely reconfigured and renovated which will increase the seating capacity. The new food court will offer a modern and stylish setting with new amenities like electric charging stations for phones and a new recycling infrastructure.
~WiFi will be available throughout the mall property
~New flooring will be installed in all the common areas including entrances and exits.

Fairbridge says the food court is 15 years old and in need of an upgrade.
City of Nanaimo councillor Ian Thorpe says the “multi-million investment will have a major impact on our city.”