Friday , 21 July 2017

Gabriola Chamber to Investigate State of Economy

by Kelly Whiteside

Gabriola Island’s Chamber of Commerce is launching a project this fall to determine what the island’s business community looks like and what local businesses need to grow and thrive. The Chamber has partnered with Wave Consulting Ltd. for this new project.

The goal is to build and sustain a thriving island-based economy that is firmly rooted in the values and culture of the community.

First, they will look at what types of businesses and business activities are already in existence on the island. Then, they will see what sectors are emerging or growing. Finally, they will research what the needs of businesses are in order to be successful on Gabriola Island.

With the insight, ideas, and opinions of current local businesses, the Chamber will be able to provide a better support network for them, as well as offer professional development opportunities and contacts to help them.

All local business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed islanders, farmers, consultants, tradespeople, freelancers, artists, and musicians making a living on Gabriola with their own enterprise are encouraged to fill out an online survey to give their feedback.

Support for this project comes from the Island Coaster Economic Trust and Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation.