Thursday , 20 July 2017

Local Businesses Benefit from Hiring MBA Students

MBA students Aamera jiwaji and Omar karim demonstrate what it's like to hire an MBA student at VIU

MBA students Aamera jiwaji and Omar karim demonstrate what it’s like to hire an MBA student at VIU

Local businesses can benefit in 4 ways from hiring an MBA student from VIU.
Master of Business Administration, MBA, students at VIU demonstrated how they can provide value to businesses during a presentation for the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Business event Thursday.

MBA students Omar Karim and Aamera Jiwaji talked about the 4 ways MBA students can help businesses in 4 ways with innovating, delegating, diversifying and leadership with prioritizing tasks.

“I want to show you why you might want to consider hiring an MBA intern to make your business grow,” Karim, who is also president of the VIU MBA Student Society, said to those who attended.
“We hope we can build vital relationships in the future.”

Karim says small businesses need to innovate and MBA students are trained to innovate from a 360 degree approach.
Along with innovating, delegating is an important part of growth for a small business.
“Businesses can delegate more with an MBA student,” adds Jiwaji.
“Businesses can offload operating tasks to an MBA student,” says Karim. “Then they can prioritize tasks.”

Diversifying is another way MBA students can help small businesses grow and move ahead.
“Being an MBA student allows us to tap into cultural networks,” says Karim.

Karim says the students demonstrated their proven capabilities as they took first place in the inaugural BC MBA Games in Nanaimo during the Oct.16-18 weekend.

The students fundraised $10,000 for the Autism Society of B.C. and the Canucks Autism Network.

MBA students can provide market research and analysis, investigate and integrate sustainable practices, develop lean strategies and systems, provide financial and operational analysis and provide succession planning.
Internships are project or employment based for a minimum of 16 weeks with start dates in January, July, September and November.