Thursday , 20 July 2017

Company Provides One of a Kind Christmas Light Program

Lush Eco-Lawns CHristmas-Lighting

Lush Eco-Lawns CHristmas-Lighting(1)It’s time to start setting up the Christmas lighting display.

John Close, owner of Lush Eco Lawns and Gardens, says their Lush Holiday Lighting program is becoming more popular as it’s exactly what people want.
“We provide a one of a kind Christmas light program. At the end of the day the customer owns everything but we do it all,” says Close.  He says the program has been running for five years and the newer LED lights are a professional grade quality with a glow that surpasses incandescent lights and yet draws a fraction of the energy.

The glow is so impressive that it even convinced the art director of a movie set they were working on last summer in Victoria. “When the guy saw them he didn’t believe they were LED because “LED doesn’t look like that.” In the end, everyone on the set was thrilled.  Up until this point, the art director had only used the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Traditional Christmas lights use 8-10 times the amount of electricity as our LED,” says Close. “Our new bulb is the Cadillac of Christmas lights.”

To be precise, the new LED lights draw .42 of a watt of electricity per bulb. To put that into perspective, 1,000 bulbs will only use 420 watts – equal to a few regular light bulbs in your house. “That’s pretty crazy,” says Close. “Now we can achieve a better glow for a fraction of the electricity.”

Close, and his team of four, install Christmas lights for residential and commercial clients from Oak Bay in Victoria all the way to Qualicum –and every town in between.   The program includes an annual setup, install, takedown and storage of the lighting product.

Christmas Colors

The most popular color choice is the classic Warm White, – which Close says is an authentic Warm White. “Eighty percent of our installs are warm white,” says Close. “Hands down, its the most popular.

The second most popular choice is the festive series, which sees warm white teemed with, red, blue and green. Candy Cane series, which utilizes three warm white and one red in a series is a close third!
As all the light strings are created from scratch, Close and his team can create any combination of colors a customer wants.
The cords are custom cut to fit a client’s house and shrubs and installing them is hassle free. In January everything is taken down and carefully labelled and stored for an easy install the following year.

Close says his customers are people who love Christmas lights but don’t want to put up the lights and want a really good product.
He says there is a bit of an investment the first year, but the cost is approximately 70% less the following year.
“We offer a three year warranty on everything as long as people remain part of the program.”

Close says if they drop out, the customer keeps everything. If they need new bulbs, which is rare, they can simply contact him.
“You can’t go to Costco, Home Depot or Canadian Tire to pick up these bulbs,” says Close.
“The first customer we installed for five years ago, his bulbs still work great!  We’ve had to replace maybe one or two bulbs out of thousands.”
The Company does not install pre-existing lights for clients and only use their Pro-grade LED lights and product.
For more information, including pictures of their installs you can visit them at