Thursday , 20 July 2017

Piper’s Pub Closes Its Doors in North Nanaimo

Pipers Pub in North Nanaimo has closed its doors.
The announcement to close the pub effective immediately was made by staff on the pub’s facebook page.
The pub on Hammond Bay Road hosted bands and organized events such as Oktoberfest, sporting events and Halloween parties.

“It comes with great sadness that we have to announce that our journey here at Pipers has come to an end and we are closing the doors effective immediately,” said the announcement on the Piper’s Pub facebook page.
“We are very grateful for our time here and from our family here to yours, we wish to thank all of you in Nanaimo that have come out to support us, offer us advice, constructive criticism and/or kind words and hugs! We wish you all the best throughout the holiday season and beyond.

We are trying very hard to contact everyone who had events booked with us, and are very sorry if there are some who we could not speak directly and have had to leave messages.

For any of the amazing bands that have played here we wish to also thank you, and apologize that we will not be blessed enough to have you back-you brought music into our lives that made us smile and dance, and all the fun times will never be forgotten:)”

Paul Hasler, store manager at Liquor Express which is in the same location, says “It’s going to affect our business too.”
He says the area used to be busier with the pub, coffee shop and grocery store.