Thursday , 20 July 2017

Sun Life Financial Moves to North Town in 2016

Sun Life Financial is moving to a new office at North Town Centre due to rapid growth in the industry.
Susan Mann, financial resources office manager, says the company is moving in the New Year with the office due to open Feb. 1.

The office is currently located at 5800 Turner Rd. and is moving to a larger, more open office space to accommodate the three manages and 31 advisors.

“Sun Life changed its whole style and design,” says Mann. “We’ll have a more open updated office.”

She says the new office space will provide other advantages as well.
We’ll be in the mall so we’ll be more involved in community opportunities and events.”

Mann says the industry is growing fast on the island as there is an unmet demand.
“We’re growing fast so we’re looking for more people to join us,” she says. “We’re needing a lot of people. So we’re in a bit of a growth spurt right now. This island is growing like crazy, everyone’s coming back from Alberta. There’s potential for more.”

Sun Life provides life insurance and financial planning for retirement and provides guidelines for people to create their own financial plan.

Mann says more people are coming to the island to retire and looking for assistance on planning their retirement.

“There’s a lot of people coming here to retire. We’re seeing a large influx of families again,” says Mann. “It seems more people are retiring or planning retirement. They’re choosing the island over Alberta again.”

Mann says the new office space will be nicer for clients to come to as well to get their planning done.