Thursday , 20 July 2017

奎里肯商务顶级 10 入围卑诗小型商业服务奖

Celeste Walmsley

The Qualicum marketing firm Modern Marketing Advantage is a Top 10 finalist in the Small Business BC Awards.

The business owned by Celeste Walmsley is a finalist in the category for Best Online Marketer. It provides websites, social media services and marketing materials such as business cards, banners and postcards.

Walmsley says her business is a new startup from May so it’s been exciting for her to be a finalist, as she has also been nominated for the Business Excellence Awards.

It’s really exciting

Walmsley says on her blog it’s her desire to connect that fuels passion for her business.

“With my business I have a service that fits my core need of connecting with people,” she says. “What I do with this passion is find ways to connect my clients with their future clients. I am skilled at networking and truly take time to get to know people like yourself.”

Her vision is to work with integrity and dramatically impact the success rate of small businesses by building effective relationships.

在卑诗小型商业奖是在公元前最明显的奖项为小企业主和创业者. 该奖项的使命的一个关键部分是为了庆祝卑诗省注册新的贡献和现有业务, 比少 50 employees, 让他们的当地社区和全球经济.

The Best Concept Award, sponsored by MNP, is open to all new exciting, creative and innovative businesses (and business ideas) in BC. The Best Emerging Entrepreneur Award, sponsored by Yellow Pages, recognizes an individual who contributes to the social, cultural and economic well-being of their communities. Sponsored by the Government of British Columbia, the Premier’s People’s Choice Award celebrates BC’s amazing entrepreneurs by recognizing a small business that is the heart of their community.

在量的卑诗小型商业奖收件人将被认定为有总理的奖 $1,500 cash.

The winners will also be offered a one-year all-access pass to Small Business BC education resources and experts, 从奖项赞助商著名的顾问和单对单的业务辅导机会.

提名企业主会通过社交媒体获得尽可能多的选票可能被责成, 口口相传, e-mail or any other means possible.

这些提名人选将提交一份详细的申请,法官将用于确定顶部 5 从每个奖项入围, 上月公布 29, 2016. The Top 5 入围者将被邀请出席10分钟的龙’ 田园风格的球场上的法官,以证明自己是不列颠哥伦比亚省的最佳之一.

每个类别的获奖者将在卑诗小型商业奖颁奖典礼于明年二月公布 25, 2016 泛太平洋温哥华酒店. More details on the Small Business BC Awards can be found at