Drip Casino Cookie Policy

For Drip Casino to remain functional, the use of cookies is essential. Every time you visit this casino, there is a small text file saved on your computer. This is known as the cookie file. This file makes it easier for the casino to identify you when you visit next. With this information, the games that you like the most will be the first to appear when you visit the site.

We recommend that you accept all our cookies if you are not sure whether you need them. For example, they may be essential for a service that you enjoy from the casino. Cookies ensure that the basic functions of the site are working to facilitate your movement. In addition, they drive functionality through geo-targeting, setting the site language, and more. You also need cookies for improving performance, as they can inform the design ideas for different pages on the website and more.

How can I Disable Cookies?

You may not be comfortable with the cookies making changes to your browser or affecting how it works. As a player, you may choose to delete or prohibit cookies from being saved on your computer. This is your choice, and players or users should not feel like they must accept all the cookies on the site. However, doing so will mean that you cannot access particular sections or functions of the website. Additionally, you can choose to customize your user preferences.

Cookies from Third Parties

For Drip Casino Canada and other players, there are some cookies that trusted third parties provide. These include the cookies that are in use by Google Analytics. This type of cookie tracks the user experience, including the amount of time a player spends on a site. Furthermore, it can check which pages you visit the most and feel the casino offers the most engaging content.

When testing new features, cookies are also used to determine how these changes are delivered to the site. These cookies aim to maintain consistency in the user experience, ensuring that what players are seeking out is what is available.

Cookies serve a clear purpose: helping the casino understand how to deliver the best possible engagement. They are safe and should be enabled when you are in this casino. They ensure that you enjoy all the modern features that are built into the site and have a safe experience when gaming.

It is important to note that at Drip Casino, cookies will not be used for online behavioral advertising. Instead, they are used purely to deliver the best possible experience for all players and casino users.